Aims and Scope of the Nurse Practitioner Degree

While you can keep some things at bay for years, your health cannot. Maintaining good health has always been the most important priority on one’s list. Nursing provides you with tools through which you can play a role in the healthcare of others, responding to their questions, and helping others in recognizing their symptoms so they can be treated.

Aims of Nursing

The major aims of nursing are as follows:

  1. Nursing aims to detect and provide treatment to symptoms to provide further illness and disease
  2. A nurse is expected to self-educate while on duty, learning different methods to administer care
  3. After assessing the results of a patient’s tests, nurses help in the treatment of the cause of illness

How to Proceed

If you have already completed your Master’s degree and would like to further your education, consider Maryville University’s two online MSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Programs.

  1. DNP – If you have completed your MSN, and you want to pursue a higher education that will aid in achieving better career opportunities, a DNP will serve you well.
  2. DNP-NP – This course is for nurses who have completed their MSN, and would like to earn an NP, or to choose a new specialty in NP. You can also earn your DNP along with an academic degree that is needed for an NP.

Maryville Nursing University was founded in 1872, and is recognized as the best nursing institute in the United States.

Why Choose Maryville University’s Nurse Practitioner Degree (Online DNP)?

  1. Maryville’s DNP prepares you for the self-monitoring and responsibility which comes along with being a nurse.
  2. The University provides the tools you need by giving you practical experience, which broadens your knowledge and familiarizes you with clinical care.
  3. Maryville also offers you the opportunity to advance your credentials, and to render better health care to patients based on your own specialized knowledge.


Maryville Nursing University creates opportunities to lead nurses towards a successful future. Moreover, it equips you with a good quality education that will help you serve your community to the best of your abilities.