Course in Building

A degree in building will enhance your knowledge of how to organize, create, construct, and maintain various structures.

About Building Course

A Building degree includes coursework in building methods, materials, management, quantity surveying, building economics, and property development, among other topics. With your broadened understanding of construction and surveying, you’ll be equipped to pursue a variety of vocations. 

What topics does a Building degree cover? 

The topics covered in the modules span from engineering services and architectural technologies to construction management. They might consist of: 

  • Design integration 
  • Digital design and modeling 
  • Architectural design and technology 
  • Construction engineering technology 
  • Fluid mechanics 
  • Construction science 
  • Theory including thermodynamics 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Electrical and lighting systems 
  • Construction technology 
  • Economics for Construction and Engineering 
  • Management in the built environment 
  • Construction contract law 
  • Control systems and mathematics 

Why study Building? 

Career-specific skills: 

  • Developing project management capabilities  
  • Information and expertise in engineering and technology related to construction 

Transferable skills: 

  • Problem-solving 
  • Digital literacy 
  • Crucial and analytical thinking 
  • Team working 

Are scholarships and bursaries available to students studying the Course?  

Some universities provide students with particular scholarships, bursaries, or grants to foster diversity. It’s important to find out if you qualify, how to apply, and what the scholarship or grant covers, such as materials, tuition, and/or living expenses.

What jobs can you get as a Building graduate? 

  • Construction planner 
  • Contract manager 
  • Design manager 
  • Facilities manager 
  • Project manager 
  • Site engineer 
  • Assistant architecture technologist 
  • BIM manager or coordinator 
  • Building control surveyor 
  • Construction manager 

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