Course in Christian Studies

Christian Studies disseminates knowledge and strategies for comprehending the intellectual, historical, and social circumstances of the evolution of Christianity and Christian philosophy. The beginnings of Christian thought, its influence on Western culture, the philosophy, and movements of the Reformation, as well as current ideas and their effects on contemporary society, may all be topics covered in the course. The connections between scripture and Christian traditions and how they are mirrored in Christian religions are also explained in courses. Christian studies draw inspiration and ideas from a variety of academic fields, including sociology, history, philosophy, and social work.

Theology principles, religion, and philosophy in human experience, God in the context of social justice, truth theories, biblical foundations, survey techniques of Christian education, and other topics will be covered in the courses that students take. Understanding, analyzing, interpreting, and integrating primary and secondary sources of biblical, theological, historical, and ethical thinking will be taught to students in this course. Students will learn how to recognize the spiritual needs and sensitivities of persons in need of social services, as well as how to offer complete social and spiritual assistance.

Career in Christian Studies

After graduation, students might choose to work as clerics, ministry leaders, Christian missionaries, ministers of education, or youth and child welfare professionals.

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