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Electronics and Computer Technology Course

Electronics and computer technology is the study of how to operate different electrical and computer systems, frequently in ways that complement one another. Learn more about the associate’s degree program’s course content and eligibility requirements.

What Is an Electronics and Computer Technology Associate’s Degree?

An associate’s degree program in electronics and computer technology teaches students how to install and maintain systems and machinery that use electronic and computer components. This covers a wide range of gadgets, including everything from computers and navigational tools to smartphones.

Although the fields of electronic and computer technology are similar, they play different functions and have different applications. Basic instruction on the similarities and differences between the technologies will be covered in your curriculum.

What Will I Learn?

Electrical measurements and instrumentation, analog electronics, electric and electronic circuits, communications electronics, and semiconductor devices are just a few of the topics you could study as part of your electronic technologies education.

Your education in computer technologies may include courses in microprocessors, microcomputer systems, digital computer analysis, basic computer-aided design, and computer architecture/software.

Topics including digital electronic systems, programmable logic controllers, network implementation, and automated control systems may touch on the convergence of electronic and computer technologies.

What Are My Career Options With Electronics and Computer Technology Degree?

Upon program completion, you’ll be prepared for a variety of careers, such as those as an engineering technician and a computer support professional. You can find employment in a wide range of industries, such as radio, telecommunications, radiology, computer software, and computer hardware, as well as electronics manufacture and maintenance.

Can I Earn This Degree Online?

Numerous schools offer online programs in electronics and computer technology. There are two formats for course delivery: entirely online and hybrid. There will be some on-campus instruction required for the hybrid format. Although basic PC or Mac systems can typically meet the computer requirements for online courses, some schools may have unique system requirements that affect complete functionality. You can find out more by contacting your school.