History and Political Studies Course

Some of the most important and divisive issues facing humanity are covered in history and political studies. Students who choose this major will investigate the concepts, organizations, and procedures that govern society on a global scale.

This course’s historical and political patterns and processes that have shaped how people interact with one another and with their communities are one of its main points of emphasis. The course examines the essence of today’s political issues and how they are framed and addressed by political movements at all levels of government, the media, business interests, and public opinion.

The importance of understanding our history is also highlighted in the discussion of these problems potential remedies. Specialist units in Australian, European, and Chinese politics are available, despite the course’s global, thematic, and interdisciplinary focus. Students have the chance to connect urgent modern concerns that have an impact on international relations and global politics through the major. The discipline is positioned as a rigorous, evidence-based method among numerous narratives that helps shape our understanding of politics and history. These are contextualized through a historical perspective that places the discipline in this context.

Employment Opportunities for the Course

This major is beneficial for a variety of vocations, such as those in media, public service, research, and policy roles with political parties, and with domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations.

Potential Job Titles for History and Political Studies in the Future

Journalist, research or policy officer, state or federal legislator’s staff member Researcher, historian, politician, public servant, consultant, mining company analyst, historical film advisor, heritage consultant, teacher

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