Human Biology Courses

Students of human biology can provide novel ideas to the domains of social sciences, public health, and even medicine. It is the study of our physical characteristics, how we became humans, and potential outcomes as we continue to develop. Public health, psychology, epidemiology, and even the newest genomic sciences are all built on the foundation of the biological sciences. Understanding our biology will help us address important health issues and develop innovative care methods. 

Cell biology and biochemistry, two more recent branches of human biology, offer fresh viewpoints. 

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For people wishing to advance their careers or further their personal development, courses created by experts in the industry are made available online with flexible scheduling.

There are many courses available for free, but students can also pay for formal credit that they can use to transfer to jobs or other educational institutions. Micro-degrees are another option for students looking to specialize in a particular field.

Human Biology Courses and Certifications

The effects of environmental stresses on the immunological system, the neurological system, and the respiratory system are among the topics covered in class. The course uses storytelling drawn from actual events to give students who are interested in how things like zero gravity or g-force affect the body an experience. Learners comprehend the limits of human physiology and how the human body may adjust to challenging circumstances.