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Social security systems depend on information and communication technology (ICT), which improves the effectiveness and quality of the systems. The goal of this course is to strengthen the abilities of social protection professionals in the administration, reform, and management of ICT-related social security systems. The main objective will be to teach the skills necessary to use ICT to find real-world solutions for social security systems. The two main ISSA Guidelines on ICT sections of governance and management and critical technologies will be the main topics of discussion.

Who attends Information and Communication Technology?

The course is intended for social security specialists working for ISSA member companies. Participants should have experience designing and implementing social security systems and be enthusiastic about using ICT to raise the caliber and effectiveness of their systems. Therefore, the following conditions must be met to enroll in this course: a working understanding of written English; the ability to access and utilize a computer with an internet connection.

What will I learn?

The ISSA Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology serve as a framework for this course’s evaluation of issues and identification of innovations.

  • ICT governance and management: description of value management for ICT-based activities and concepts
  • ICT service delivery: software development, application management, ICT operations, and service desk are some examples of ICT-related services.
  • Data and information management: master data systems implementation, information retrieval and analysis tools, data governance, and data quality
  • Interoperability: benefits of integrated social programs; facets of an interoperability model; standards and technologies for interoperability
  • Data security and privacy: corporate norms and frameworks; important implementation steps
  • Mobile technologies: important tools for implementing ICT-based services.

What will I be able to do?

  • Recognize fundamental strategies for enhancing social security administration using ICT based on global best practices.
  • Determine the positions and duties involved in the administration and management of ICT systems.
  • Utilize the ISSA Guidelines as a guide for organizing and putting into practice successful ICT
  • Create nation-specific inventions using knowledge from other nations.

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