International Development Courses

The term “international development” (sometimes known as “global development”) refers to a broad field of study that is utilized to address some of the most important problems of our time. World leaders and NGO administrators can overcome issues with human rights, poverty, international aid, socioeconomic development, and international relations with the aid of international development research. These ideas encourage local economic development, community development, and sustainable development in all types of cultures around the world, as well as economic development on much smaller dimensions.

International development studies educate students for jobs in a variety of disciplines due to their potential for broad effect. International program managers, development aid fundraisers, international agency administrators, social studies teachers, economists, lobbyists, translators, and analysts are a few occupations that fall under the umbrella of international development.

Learners who excel in areas of international development frequently exhibit aptitudes for communication, data analysis, policy formation, and critical thinking—all abilities that are highly valued in the larger corporate world. As a result, coursework or any higher degree in this field might provide a significant competitive edge.

Online Courses in International Development

Numerous Social Science topics have introductory and advanced online courses available. A Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters degree program is available from the University of Queensland and consists of five courses. Other options include MIT’s u.lab: Leading Change in Times of Disruption and UC Berkeley’s Journalism for Social Change, as well as u.lab: Leading Change in Times of Disruption and Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development. Amnesty International also offers courses like Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees.

Jobs in International Development

Learnings from these courses can be applied to various sectors because international development uses so many in-demand skills. For instance, Devex, a company that offers hiring and business development services for international expansion, has more than 3,000 positions in certain fields.

Thousands of jobs are also listed on the employment website Indeed for people with relevant qualifications. Over 265,000 project manager roles are available, with 44,000 of those paying $100,000 or more annually. Additionally, there are 5,000 entry-level opportunities for analysts available in a variety of industries, and there are more than 115,000 analyst jobs available overall.

This course covers so many aspects of our world and prepares learners for a wide array of jobs. 

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