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Nutrition and Dietetics Course

The fields of nutrition and dietetics are all connected to fitness, health, and a healthy diet. If this area of medicine interests you, you can consider studying it to start a successful career as a nutritionist or dietician. It offers both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program. After receiving one of the two degrees, a person can assist others in maintaining a balanced diet and developing a fit and healthy body. After completing a nutrition and dietetics program, becoming a dietitian is one of the most sought-after jobs.

Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics

Students who are interested in this branch can complete their B Sc. in any area of specialty and then go on to complete their M Sc. in nutrition and dietetics. Later, there are a variety of alternatives for careers. There is a constant need for qualified nutritionists and dieticians in many public and private hospitals, health organizations/companies, research facilities, and sports groups. The top jobs in this industry, based on one’s interests and skills, are listed below. 


A dietician provides patients with high-quality dietary care for quick recovery while keeping an eye on their existing health issues. They offer advice on how to keep up a healthy lifestyle by including dietary and nutritional supplements in food. 

Consultant Dietician

A consultant dietician is a medical specialist who offers advice on issues relating to diet and eating habits for managing illnesses like obesity, high cholesterol, and other health issues. Typically, a consultant dietician is employed by healthcare facilities under contract. Additionally, he or she has the option of opening a private practice.

Management Dietician

A management dietician is a specialist in charge of creating meal plans. He or she works in institutions including schools, hospitals, cafeterias, and jails. A management dietician is in charge of overseeing other dieticians and culinary personnel. 


A nutritionist is a specialist who informs people about how food and eating habits impact our health and can result in issues with it if we eat too much or too little. He or she informs others about the importance of nutrition. 

Top Recruiter in the Nutrition and Dietetic





Eli Lilly


Food & Nutrition Board (FNB)

FNB, Ministry of Women and Child Development

Required Skillset for Nutrition and Dietetics

The following are some abilities that a prospective student of any undergraduate or graduate program in the field of nutrition and dietetics must possess.

  • Interest in food/ food preparation
  • Communication skills 
  • Research skills
  • Patience

Course Curriculum for Nutrition and Dietetics

  • The study of nutrition and dietetics is a field of medicine that focuses on ensuring that patients receive the proper nutrition as part of their diets to recover from a variety of health issues, including obesity, high cholesterol, and other disorders brought on by either overeating or undereating. 
  • The knowledge and skills needed to create diet plans and assist people in maintaining a healthy diet are offered to those who enroll in nutrition and dietetics courses. The field of nutrition and dietetics offers a wide range of job options. Today’s population is more physically fit and seeks medical help to manage their weight and maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • The primary topics covered in the nutrition and dietetics curriculum are Principles of Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Family Meal Management, Food Preservation, Quantity Food Service and Physical Facilities, Food Science, Food Service Management, Chemistry, and other disciplines.

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