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Pure and Applied Biology Course

I’ll walk you through the O-level subject combinations needed to study pure and applied biology on this page.

For you to study Pure and Applied Biology in Nigerian Universities, you must be a science student with a strong background in science topics. This is only feasible if you satisfy the admissions standards. Questions about the O-level and A-level entry requirements are directly answered on this page.

The WAEC subject combination (requirements), JAMB UTME subject combination (requirements), Direct Entry requirements, Special consideration (waivers), and the requisite screening papers for admission to Nigerian universities are, in other words. 

WAEC subject combination (requirements) for Pure and Applied Biology

For you to study pure and applied biology in Nigerian universities, you must have at least 5 credits in the WAEC subject combination that is necessary. Additional O’level tests, such as NECO and GCE, can use this combination of subjects. Pure and Applied Biology O-level prerequisites for WAEC must cover the following subjects:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Any one of Health Science, Statistics, Physics, and Geography.
  3. A trade subject
  4. English Language
  5. Biology
  6. Maths

Anyone taking the WAEC or other O-level exams must take the subjects on this list. I’ll suggest adding a language to your O-level studies. For the record, the Yoruba language is required for Pure and Applied Biology if you are one of the applicants for admission to any universities, colleges, or polytechnics in Lagos State. Now that you are aware of the required O-level subjects for studying pure and applied biology, let’s also look at the requirements for the JAMB UTME and Direct. 

JAMB UTME subject combination (requirements) for the Course

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the organization in charge of determining whether you will be admitted to the University or other institutions. English must be included because it is required even though it may not be listed among the JAMB subjects below, and I will be completely honest with you and advise you to aim for a score of 200 and above in the JAMB UTME instead of 180 to be on the safe side because anything short of that may deny you of Admission/Post UTME.

Now I’ll show you the mandatory JAMB subjects for Pure and Applied Biology that you must register for. Of course, if your score is less than 180, you should think about enrolling in the Polytechnic or College of Education.

Please take note that math is not a requirement for this course if it is not stated as a Jamb subject in this post. There are other ways to get into Nigerian universities to study pure and applied biology in addition to JAMB. If you’re struggling with the JAMB UTME, it could be time to pass via the IJBM, JUBEB, ND, HND, or Predegree programs instead.

  • Pure and Applied Biology requires the following JAMB UTME subject combinations: Chemistry, Biology, and either Physics or Mathematics.

Direct Entry requirement (required A-level result) to study the Course

To be admitted to the University to continue your education, you must have two ‘A’ level passes in Biology and either Chemistry or Physics in addition to the required WAEC subject combinations for Pure and Applied Biology. Don’t despair if you already have your O-level results but your subject combinations don’t match the ones needed for admission to study Pure and Applied Biology. You ought to consider similar Pure and Applied Biology courses.

Cut-off Mark for the Course

Pure and Applied Biology has a 180 passing score. You may check the JAMB UTME cutoff scores for these universities here. A good course is Pure and Applied Biology, and you may also look at the list of the top scientific programs. 

Pure and Applied Biology is how many years course?

In Nigeria, if you are accepted into a university’s Pure and Applied Biology degree program through the JAMB UTME, you will study that subject for four years. You will take this course for three years if you are admitted through direct entry. 

Pure and Applied Biology is under which faculty in Nigeria?

The Faculty/School/College of Science houses Pure and Applied Biology, but some universities in Nigeria may have a different faculty, according to JAMB, the organization in charge of your entrance to the University or other institutions.

Can a commercial or an art student study Pure and Applied Biology?

No! Pure and Applied Biology is a pure science degree that requires a strong background in science topics, hence it is not available to Commercial or Art students at the institution. You can enroll in this course if you want to avoid being discouraged, provided your O-level results include the required combination of topics. If you’re still in secondary school, it could be challenging to switch subjects during WAEC registration so that they align with your intended course because some schools might not allow it.

Additionally, you should double-check the subjects that are being registered for you during WAEC or NECO registration because some secondary schools don’t understand the significance of O-level requirements for university courses. 

Special Review

I am now sure that you are aware of the required WAEC courses for Pure and Applied Biology. However, take notice that certain universities may accept D7 or E8 in some required subjects in place of credit. Two sittings may be acceptable or unacceptable to some. These results are combinations of WAEC, NECO, or GCE scores.