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Wolaita Sodo University

Wolaita Sodo University has a history of notable accomplishments and has community service and divergent mainstreaming research as its key missions. The institution has so far organized six successive research conferences, published and disseminated three proceedings, and contributed to the nation’s sustainable socioeconomic development. To provide a framework for multidisciplinary research and practical teaching, WSU developed six research centers.

About Wolaita Sodo University

Wolaita Sodo University is a public university located in Wolaita Sodo, South West Ethiopia Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia (Ge’ez: ). It is roughly 339 kilometers (210.65 miles) to the southwest of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is one of Ethiopia’s universities of the second generation. Meles Zenawi, the prime minister, placed the university’s cornerstone. There are three campuses for the university: Tercha, Otona, and Gandaba. The university is a part of the applied institution’s category according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Wolaita Sodo University offers 58 undergraduate programs, 43 graduate programs, 6 doctoral programs, and 4 programs in specialties in medicine.

On March 24, 2007, Wolaita Sodo University was created by proclamation. With 16 undergraduate programs and 807 students, the university began its work. The university has 57,188 graduates as of 2019; there are now approximately 35,000 active students. 1,626 academic employees and 3,770 administrative employees in total.

The university has participated in community service initiatives by developing problem-solving projects based on requests from the community and that may guarantee the community’s benefit in a variety of sectors. The drilling of deep water wells in the Wolayita Zone, Sodo, Bodit, Gununo, and Bele towns is one of the 87 community service projects that were authorized in 2019 for funding.

With the help of the whole campus community and stakeholders, WSU marked its tenth anniversary in style. A multi-campus institution, WSU operates out of four locations (Gandaba campus, Otona campus, Boditti, and Tercha campus). The institution has also put out excellent effort in substantial restoration and expansion projects to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching, learning, and research activities.

Faculty and Departments At Wolaita Sodo University

College of Agriculture

  • Animal and Range Science
  • Agri-business and Value Chain management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Horticulture
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Plant Science
  • Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

College of Engineering

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Technology and Management
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

College of Business and Economics

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Public Administration and Development Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management

College of Natural and Computational Science

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Environmental Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Sport Sciences
  • Statistics

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

  • Department of Educational Planning and Management (EDPM)
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE)

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • English Language & Literature
  • Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Civics & Ethical Education
  • History& Heritage Management
  • Sociology
  • Wolaita Language & Literature
  • Archeology & Heritage Management
  • Public Relations & Communication System
  • Social Anthropology

College of Health Sciences and Medicine

  • School of Public Health
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Medical Laboratory Science 
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Midwifery
  • School of Anesthesia
  • School of Medicine

School of Informatics

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems

School of Law

  • Department of Law

School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Department of Veterinary Medicine

FAQS about Wolaita Sodo University

Q. How many Students Does Wolaita Sodo University admit per year?

A. 16 undergraduate programs and 807 students were present when the university began its work. As of 2019, the university had 57,188 graduates, with over 35,000 still enrolled.

Q. Is Wolaita Sodo University a Federal or State School? 

A. It is a public university.

Q. What is the cut-off point for Wolaita Sodo University?

A. Check the University’s website.

Q. What is Wolaita Sodo University Official Website?


Q. Is Wolaita Sodo University a good school?

A. Yes. The University ranked 25th in Ethiopia and 12169th in the World 2023 overall rankings.

Q. Are there hostels at Wolaita Sodo University?

A. Yes. The University only provides a few housing options for students. Prospective students have the option to make reservations with the Dean of Students office after being accepted into the university, and the available rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prospective students should be aware that those who do not qualify for housing on campus are housed in privately owned hostel facilities. Nonetheless, the Dean of the Students Department is devoted to helping prospective students choose safe and welcoming dormitories and ensuring that their welfare and security are maintained. These hostels are near the university and have received accreditation from it.

Q. When is the admission form coming out for Wolaita Sodo University?

A. Visit the University’s website to find out.

Q. Who founded Wolaita Sodo University?

A. The University was founded by proclamation. Its president is Takele Tadesse.

Q. What are the requirements for Wolaita Sodo University?

A. Refer to the school’s website to find out.

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