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Agostinho Neto University

The Agostinho Neto University provides the freedom of scientific, cultural, and technical invention following its Organic Statute, intending to respect and advance the human person, the community, and the environment.

About Agostinho Neto University

The largest state institution in Angola, Agostinho Neto University (Universidade Agostinho Neto in Portuguese), has campuses in Talatona and Luanda. The university offered 68 licensed courses in the academic year 2005–2006, including 18 Bachelor’s degree programs and 15 Master’s degree programs in several faculties, institutes, and institutions of higher learning. It is one of Angola’s seven publicly funded (state-owned) institutions.

The only public institution in the nation up until 2009 was Agostinho Neto institution, which has campuses in all the major cities. It was divided into six independent universities in Benguela, Cabinda, Huambo, Lubango, Malange, and Uge after being broken up in 2009. One of the seven regional universities now servicing Bengo and Luanda provinces is Agostinho Neto University. It is still Angola’s biggest university. The University City of Camama’s headquarters campus is located in Talatona, Angola.

In colonial Portuguese Africa, two state-run universities were established in 1962 by the Portuguese Ministry of the Overseas, which was then led by Adriano Moreira. Both of them granted degrees in fields ranging from engineering to medicine and from economics to agronomy. They were the Estudos Gerais Universitários de Angola in the former Overseas Province of Angola and the Estudos Gerais Universitários de Moçambique in the former Overseas Province of Mozambique. Universidade de Luanda (University of Luanda) replaced Estudos Gerais Universitários de Angola as the institution’s name in 1968.

Faculty and Departments At Agostinho Neto University

School of Hospitality and Tourism

  • Tourism management

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Biology
  • Geographical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Mathematics 
  • Chemistry

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Psychology
  • Information science
  • Management and public administration
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Political science
  • Social communication
  • Geodemography
  • History

Faculty of Economics

  • Economy
  • Business management
  • Financial management
  • Accounting and administration
  • Accounting and auditing

Faculty of Engineering

  • Mining engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Architecture
  • Civil engineering
  • Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Computer science and engineering 

Faculty of Humanities

  • French Language and Literature
  • Language and Literature in the Portuguese Language
  • Executive Secretariat and Corporate Communication
  • Philosophy
  • African Languages ​​and Literature
  • English Language and Literature

Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine

Institute of Health Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Clinical psychology
  • School psychology
  • Clinical Analysis and Public Health
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical sciences

FAQS about Agostinho Neto University

Q. How many Students Does Agostinho Neto University admit per year?

A. This is at the discretion of the school however it has 26 thousand students

Q. Is Agostinho Neto University a Federal or State School? 

A. It public (state-owned) university.

Q. What is the cut-off point for Agostinho Neto University?

A. Check the university website to find out.

Q. What is Agostinho Neto University Official Website?


Q. Is Agostinho Neto University a good school?

A. Yes! The university ranked 2nd in Angola and 9138th in the World 2023 overall rankings.

Q. Are there hostels at Agostinho Neto University?

A. Yes.

Q. When is the admission form coming out for Agostinho Neto University?

A. Refer to the school website to find out.

Q. Who founded Agostinho Neto University?

A. The university is heir to the University General Studies (EGU) of Angola and Mozambique, formed by Portuguese colonial power, through Decree-Law No. 44,530 of August 21, 1962.

Q. What are the requirements for Agostinho Neto University?

A. Find out about the university’s admission requirements from the website. 

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