Animal Physiology Course

The goal of the “Animal Physiology” course is to teach students about the composition and operation of the body’s cells and systems. Students in this biological sciences curriculum will gain a deeper understanding of the physiological functions of the human body. 

Benefits of Animal Physiology

The ‘Animal Physiology’ certification helps the students by enabling them to learn about the many physiological organs and systems as well as how the human body works. The students gain from this free course by expanding their understanding of biological processes and human physiology.


The applicants for the “Animal Physiology” certification program must already be proficient in high school biology. 

What you will learn?

The ‘Animal Physiology’ certification syllabus is made to help students become acquainted with the principles of physiology as well as the many physiological systems and their purposes in the human body. The students will have the opportunity to study the bodily systems that run normally, how the body responds to disturbances, and how it repairs itself. The neurological, circulatory, endocrine, and reproductive systems of the human body, as well as other structural components of the body, are all covered in this course.

Who it is for?

The ‘Animal Physiology online certification program is designed for students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in zoology, biology, biotechnology, and bioengineering. Professionals in the biomedical field including pharmacists, physiotherapists, and nurses can also benefit from taking the course.

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