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Travel and Tourism Course

A very diverse sector of the economy, travel and tourism is expanding steadily despite the pandemic. The industry is predicted to generate more money and roughly treble the number of job opportunities by 2025.

Additionally, as travel and tourism have grown in popularity, young people today are becoming more interested in the exciting job opportunities it offers. With the government’s assistance in boosting the tourism element, there are many employment alternatives available to students, and these career opportunities are extremely different.

Most universities offer courses in travel and tourism, which are also available through online learning institutions. Online certificate courses, diplomas, and degree programs are among the many course options available at the graduation and postgraduate levels.

Students who want to work in research can also pursue a Ph.D. program. Education opens up a variety of job paths, including those in government tourism and airlines.

Job Profiles

Tour Operator

A tour operator oversees all the technical facets of their local and international clients’ trips. Depending on demand, they provide travel packages and bargains.

Airlines Staff

The management of airport operations and commercial activities, including the examination of luggage and the certification of several departments’ budgets, falls within the purview of airline staff.

Front Office Executive

A front office employee maintains track of visitors arriving at the establishments and arranges for friendly greetings. They are also in charge of managing papers and hotel keys.

Transport Officer

The responsibility of the transport officer is to monitor the state of transport vehicles and the implementation of programs about vehicle transportation.

Travel Coordinator

A travel coordinator, as the name implies, arranges travel for major corporations and global organizations. They handle the booking of numerous locations during the trip.

Lodging Manager

The primary responsibility of a lodging manager is overseeing sizable establishments like hotels and resorts. They are in charge of such places’ management.

Travel Executive

A travel executive’s duties include organizing the logistics of travel, such as lodging arrangements, flight schedules, and destination information.

Required Skillset for Travel and Tourism

Since the industry is known for its excellent hospitality and high-quality services, it requires not only a strong educational background but also a wide range of crucial skills to ensure better service. Students who are interested in travel and tourism must dress appropriately. They need to be knowledgeable of current socio-economic trends to pursue a successful career in travel and tourism. The following are some very important prerequisites:

  • Communication Skills – The ability to communicate politely and effectively is the industry’s most important criterion for candidates. Any hotel or tourist destination’s ability to communicate effectively is a crucial component of their hospitality.
  • Excellent Management skills – The position calls for self-disciplined applicants who can simply, utilizing their interpersonal abilities, address any type of problem that is presented to them, from managing time to managing the necessities for guests. 
  • Personality Grooming – A very important issue that must be carefully considered is how the tourism destination and its personnel are presented. A nice attitude cultivated with manners and polite behavior in handling situations is required of aspirants.
  • Working as a team – The successful operation of every institution depends on the harmonious coexistence of all of its departments. This is also true for travel and tourism. Staff must work together effectively. 

Course Curriculum for Travel and Tourism

The Travel and Tourism course not only equips students with the necessary knowledge and abilities to offer their foreign guests a taste of opulent hospitality, but it also transmits some of the most important talents required by the travel and tourism sector today.

In addition to the skills needed for the sector’s seamless transition, the students are given a thorough overview of the most recent trends in the industry. The students acquired practical abilities qualify them to work at some of the top travel agencies. 

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