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Animal Science Course

Animal science is the study of the biology and management of domesticated animals, such as beef cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and pets. To care for, manage, and improve livestock and companion animals, students learn the science, art, and practical techniques involved.

About Animal Science

The study of the biology of animals that are kept under human control is referred to as animal science. It can also be referred to as the raising and controlling of farm animals. The degree was once known as animal husbandry, and the animals studied included livestock animals like cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses. Courses are now offered that cover a wider range of topics, such as exotic species and domestic animals like dogs and cats. Several schools and universities offer Animal Science degrees. Land-grant institutions frequently offer animal science degrees and frequently have farms on their campuses where students can gain practical experience with livestock animals.

Animal science professionals train students for professions in breeding, food and fiber production, nutrition, animal agribusiness, animal behavior, and welfare, among other fields. A typical Animal Science curriculum might provide classes in nutrition, physiology, animal behavior, genetics, microbiology, and reproduction. There are also classes available in support subjects like genetics, soils, agricultural economics and marketing, legal considerations, and the environment.

Careers in Animal Science

A graduate in animal science can choose from a wide range of professions. such as, but not restricted to, a zoologist, a zookeeper, an animal nutritionist, an animal physiotherapist technician, and a nature conservation officer.

Areas of Study

  • Animal Behavior

Animal behavior is the study of how animals interact with their surroundings, socially engage with one another, and learn about their surroundings. The framework of animal behavior’s development, mechanism, adaptive value, and evolution is addressed.

  • Animal Genetics

The study of animal genes and how they affect an animal’s appearance, health, and function is known as animal genetics. These research findings are frequently used to improve animal breeding.

  • Veterinary Medicine

The study of diseases that affect both domesticated and wild animals is the focus of the medical specialty of veterinary medicine, which focuses on disease diagnosis, prevention, control, and treatment. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants are the three main medical specialties in veterinary medicine.

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