Cooperative and Rural Development Course

A course called “Cooperative and Rural Development” at a Nigerian university aims to explain the cooperative principle of pooling limited resources for everyone’s benefit and how it functions as a tool for rural development. With a strong basis in allied fields including economics, ethics, information technology, organizational behavior, and cooperative law, it provides students with an education on the business world. For those working professionally or voluntarily in rural development, it is intended. As a key factor in local development, it offers the knowledge and abilities needed to manage such establishments.

Students who have completed the Cooperative and Rural Development program have the administrative abilities needed to administer rural communities, as well as a strong foundation in principles related to accounting, finance, banking, marketing, and human resource management. Through the use of cooperative organizations as a practical tool, they gain the skills necessary to spearhead and manage local development. The course is set up to familiarize you with the abilities and information needed to work effectively in the field.

After finishing the degree program, you will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to oversee the operations of cooperative and similar mutual establishments and direct them to promote the economic growth of rural areas.

Cooperative and Rural Development Benefits

The degree program will provide you with the knowledge and abilities to: 

  • Recognize the special functions and traits of cooperative groups;
  • Use your knowledge of cooperative concepts to run cooperative organizations;
  • gaining knowledge about cooperative approaches that may influence rural development;
  • demonstrate your knowledge of the various regulations governing rural development.

Degree/Certification obtained

A Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management and Rural Development will be awarded to you upon successful completion of the program.

What jobs will I qualify for?

  • Co-operative Personnel Manager
  • Rural Development Economist
  • Co-operative Accountant
  • Front Office Savings Clerk.

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