Human Geography Course

This article will provide you with a selection of some of the greatest human geography courses available if the human aspect of geography is what interests you. To assist you select the course that’s suitable for you, we’ve accommodated a variety of alternative admission requirements and course structures.

What is Human Geography?

The area of geography known as human geography is concerned with people and their relationships to the environment as well as their communities, cultures, and economies. Human geography typically examines the regional and chronological variations in these topics over the globe. Human geography focuses on how human societies are shaped via their relationships with location, nature, and each other, as opposed to physical geography, which is concerned with the spatial and environmental processes that shape and control the natural world.

What specialisms can I choose with Human Geography?

There are two basic choices if you want to concentrate on human geography. You have the option of choosing a Human Geography degree or a BA in Geography with a broader focus. In contrast to a Geography BSc degree, which is more likely to emphasize physical geography, Geography BA courses will cover both human and physical geography but often place a stronger emphasis on the former. Both alternatives are listed below. 

Within human geography, there are numerous sub-disciplinary areas. Each of these sub-disciplines is covered in several courses. For instance: demographic geography, rural geography, social geography, transport geography, and urban geography. Also: cultural geography, economic geography, historical geography, and geopolitics geography.

How is Human Geography studied?

Human geography is studied using a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques. Geographic fieldwork and mapping are given a lot of attention. Exciting methodological advancements in spatial analysis and statistics, GIS science, and remote sensing have been developed recently in the field of human geography. The ability to study has never been greater for human geographers!

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