International Law Course

International law refers to all of the treaties, laws, and other agreements that exist between countries that affect how governments function on a global basis. Human rights, international trade, international shipping, international conflicts, international environmental legislation, and humanitarian assistance are all governed by international law. International law is divided into numerous categories, including supranational law, private international law, and public international law. Most international laws are consent-based, which means that states must sign on and concur to abide by a set of guidelines.

Online Courses in International Law

This course, which is divided into several parts, examines the legal principles that apply to various worldwide professions, including international relations, global health, and humanitarian relief. The program offers courses in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international investment law. International human rights law examines how international laws safeguard individuals’ rights while international humanitarian law examines the rules governing war and other conflicts. Students studying public health, international business, or global development would benefit greatly from the curriculum. Become fluent in the language of the international law community and acquire the knowledge required to function effectively on a global scale.

Students majoring in business and entrepreneurs wishing to do business worldwide will benefit from taking additional courses in contract law and intellectual property law. 

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