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Mangosuthu University of Technology

The goal of the Mangosuthu University of Technology is to offer technological, career-focused educational programs with a focus on cutting-edge research for problem-solving and to engage with the public sector, commercial sector, business sector, and communities as end-users.

About Mangosuthu University of Technology

The Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) is a technical university located in Umlazi, South Africa, not far from the city of Durban, with a view of the Indian Ocean. MUT is situated in the eThekwini metropole’s academic center. It’s a residential college.

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a former leader of the KwaZulu Homeland in South Africa under apartheid, founded the university in 1974. Prince Buthelezi first proposed the concept of establishing a tertiary education institution that specialized in technical courses during a meeting with Mr. Harry F. Oppenheimer, Chairman of the Anglo American Corporation and De Beers Consolidated Mines. The Anglo-American and De Beers Chairman’s Fund accepted the plan, and although finances were not immediately available to build such an institution, research was ordered to look into the possibility of training and hiring black technicians in South Africa.

The South African Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) of the University of Cape Town undertook this work. SALDRU examined the enrollment of the advanced technical education centers that were in operation at the time and determined that 1035 engineering technicians were produced in 1976, despite a need for 3000 more technicians each year. Hence, if there were to be a training pool of Black kids, 2000 engineering technicians could be produced annually. SALDRU next determined whether companies would hire Black technicians if they become available. According to the replies, mechanical, civil and construction, electrical, and chemical engineering are the fields that are most in-demand right now.

Nigel Bloch’s SALDRU study demonstrated the urgent requirement for Black technicians, and Mr. Oppenheimer committed to The Anglo-American and De Beers group Chairman’s Fund to contribute R5 million to construct the facilities. Later, the organizations Rembrandt and Distillers Company agreed to fund the Department of Chemical Engineering, while Mobil Oil, AECI, and the South African Sugar Millers’ Association offered to develop a commercial and secretarial department. LTA Limited increased funding for the Civil Engineering Department’s growth to incorporate Construction Engineering into the curriculum.

The project was granted the all-clear to start in the middle of 1977, and the KwaZulu Cabinet determined that the institution would be named “Mangosuthu,” which is the first name of Prince Buthelezi, the Chief Minister of KwaZulu and the person who came up with the idea for a technikon in KwaZulu. Umlazi, while located in KwaZulu, is also a part of the Durban metropolitan area, making it an extremely suited location for the technikon. During the apartheid era, the township of Umlazi was created in 1967 specifically for Black people. It is one of the biggest townships in South Africa and is situated southwest of Durban. 

About 30 kilometers separate the township from the heart of Durban. It is close to and easily accessible from the major industrial region, the Durban city center, and the then-Louis Botha Airport, later to become Durban International Airport. At the time, it was a huge and quickly expanding area with over 370 000 residents (which has now been relocated to the North Coast and renamed King Shaka International Airport).

Faculty and Departments At Mangosuthu University of Technology

Faculty of Engineering

  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering and Survey
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Department of Accounting and Law
  • Department of Human Resource Management
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Office Technology 
  • Department of Public Administration and Economics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Biomedical Sciences 
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Department of Community Extension
  • Department of Environmental Health
  • Department of Information and Communication Technology
  • Department of Nature Conservation

FAQS about Mangosuthu University of Technology

Q. How many Students Does the Mangosuthu University of Technology admit per year?

A. The University is among the institutions that don’t provide data on acceptance rates but 13,000 students attended the school.

Q. Is Mangosuthu University of Technology a Federal or State School? 

A. It is a Public University of Technology.

Q. What is the cut-off point for MUT?

A. Information Technology Mathematics 3 OR Mathematics Literacy 4 English Home Language 3 English First Additional Language 3 a minimum of 23 points in your six top subjects, including English and math/math literacy. Those who have been chosen will be required to take an admission exam.

Q. What is the Mangosuthu University of Technology Official Website?


Q. Is Mangosuthu University of Technology a good school?

A. Yes. The University ranked 24th in South Africa and 5901st in the World 2023 overall rankings.

Q. Are there hostels at the Mangosuthu University of Technology?

A. Yes. The majority of the rooms in the resident halls are built for two people to share, although there are also a few single, triple, quad, and five-person rooms. A twin-sized bed, dresser, closet, desk, and chair are provided in each room for each guest. Also available is WiFi connectivity.

Q. When is the admission form coming out for the Mangosuthu University of Technology?

A. At the university, applications are presently being accepted for 2023. Note that applications must be submitted online.

Q. Who founded the Mangosuthu University of Technology?

A. The University was founded by the Chief Minister of KwaZulu, Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Q. What are the requirements for MUT?

A. Entry Requirements

Based on the prospective student’s top five topics, each faculty establishes entrance standards based on a point total. Several departments also conduct a required admission exam in addition to the points system. Due to a shortage of available spots, not all applicants who match the requirements can be accepted. The most qualified candidates and those that listed MUT as their top or second option in the application are given priority during the selection process.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • National Senior Certificate with at least five topics at level 4 pass for diploma studies and at least three subjects at level 3 for Access Courses, or N3 with 50% in Mathematics and English.
  • Pass level 4 in either English as a First Language or as a Second Language.
  • Certain subjects and a passing score are required for the qualification
  • Minimum points are required by faculty, as noted in the CAO manual.

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