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The American University in Cairo

A private research university in Cairo, Egypt is known as the American University in Cairo (AUC; Arabic: romanized: Al-Jmi’a al-‘Amrkiyya bi-l-Qhira). The university provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional-level programs in American-style learning in addition to a continuing education program.

Almost 50 nations are represented among the American University in Cairo students. Academics, business executives, diplomats, journalists, writers, and others from the United States, Egypt, and other nations make up the faculty, adjunct teaching staff, and visiting lecturers at AUC.

AUC has received institutional accreditation from both Egypt’s National Authority for Quality Assurance and Assessment of Education and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States.

The American Mission in Egypt, a Protestant mission supported by the United Presbyterian Church of North America, established the American University in Cairo in 1919 as an English-language university and preparatory school. Charles A. Watson, who founded the university, aimed to create a western-style university.

History of American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo was designed to serve as both a high school and a university. On October 5, 1920, 142 students entered the preparatory school, which was housed in the 1860s-era Khairy Pasha Palace. Twenty students received junior college-level certificates in 1923, which were the first diplomas ever awarded.

Watson, who wanted to improve the university’s intellectual standing, clashed with American United Presbyterian officials who wanted to restore the institution to its Christian foundation. Four years later, Watson concluded that the university could not afford to uphold its original religious ties and that the promotion of moral and ethical behavior was the only realistic option.

The university admitted its first female student in 1928 after initially only accepting male students. The university graduated its inaugural class in the same year, awarding two Bachelor of Arts and one Bachelor of Sciences degree.

The preparatory school program was phased out by AUC in 1951 when it introduced its first graduate programs to its existing Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences, graduate diploma, and continuing education programs in 1950. The American University in Cairo escaped being nationalized during the Six-Day War, despite having to expel the majority of its American teachers.

The institution had a wide selection of liberal arts and sciences programs by the middle of the 1970s. The university expanded its offerings over the ensuing years to include bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma programs in engineering, management, computer science, journalism and mass communication, and sciences. It also established several research centers in key fields like business, the social sciences, philanthropy and civic engagement, science, and technology. The American University at Cairo was replaced with The American University in Cairo in the 1950s.

A board of trustees oversees the independent educational establishment known as the American University in Cairo. A group of retired trustees also serves as an advisory board. The Board elects a chairperson for a yearly term following its bylaws. The Board does not include any students.

From 2016 to 2021, Francis Ricciardone served as the president of AUC. The American University’s faculty and student senates both unanimously decided in February 2019 that they had “no confidence” in Ricciardone’s ability to lead. The faculty complained about the president’s “low morale, complaints about his management style, grievances over contracts, and accusations of illegal discrimination” in a letter to the president. Tensions grew as a result of Ricciardone’s invitation for Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state of the United States, to deliver a speech at the university.

70 student organizations are part of the American University in Cairo. The majority of student events at AUC are organized by students in the fields of academics, student conferences, culture and special interests, student government, and community service.

The AUC New Cairo campus has lodging for students and dorms. The AUC’s Office of Residential Life arranges to house, as well as planning social events and assists students in becoming independent and adjusting to university life. There are 12 flats total in the house, five of which are for men and seven for women.

Faculty and Departments In American University in Cairo

  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Mathematics and Actuarial Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Physics
  • The Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology (I-GHHE)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about American University in Cairo

How many Students Does American University in Cairo admit per year?

The university has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,759 (fall 2021).

Is American University in Cairo a Federal or State School? 

The American University in Cairo is a private institution.

What is the cut-off point for American University in Cairo?

All students who enroll in the AUC undergraduate program must have completed at least twelve years of elementary and secondary school before they may enroll in university courses, under the requirements of both the school and the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

What is American University in Cairo’s Official Website?

Is American University in Cairo a good school?

Yes. The American University in Cairo is ranked 416 in QS World University Rankings. It is also the best English-language liberal arts education university in Egypt.

Are there hostels at American University in Cairo?

Yes. Students’ dorms at the university provide a variety of housing options and accommodation styles on campus. Students should also know that living at the on-campus residences is a great option for students looking for a suitable and vibrant living space. 

When is the Admission Form coming out for American University in Cairo?

Visit the school’s website to find out.

Who founded the American University in Cairo?

The university was established by the American Mission in Egypt, a Protestant mission sponsored by the United Presbyterian Church of North America. Its founding president is Dr. Charles A. Watson.

What are the requirements for American University in Cairo?



For All Certificates

  • Fill out and submit the online application. The application is only accessible online. Only the autumn and spring semesters of the same academic year are eligible for application renewal. To be considered for a new academic year, a new application must be made.
  • Verify that you have met all of the language criteria set forth by the university. It is possible to send the TOEFL/IELTS test results straight to the admissions department. The TOEFL score submission code for the American University in Cairo is 0903.
  • To learn more about placement standards and TOEFL/IETLS cutoff scores, visit: Go here for fall 2023.
  • No later than two years before the first day of the term for which you are asking for admission, both tests must be passed.
  • Your TOEFL/IELTS test results will determine your placement in English.
  • Retaking the TOEFL or IELTS is suggested for students who feel their ELI placement is inappropriate for their level of English ability. There are no “exemption” tests available at AUC.
  • The University will accept applicants who have improved their English placement test results. The final working day before the commencement of the semester at 4 PM Cairo Local Time is the cutoff for submitting updated English placement test results. Scores submitted after this date won’t be taken into consideration. Check the academic calendar at AUC for precise dates. Only official test score documentation is accepted by the American University in Cairo. Test centers’ text messages won’t be taken into account.
  • Verify that you have filed the necessary paperwork by the dates. 
  • After all of these documents have been submitted, a decision regarding your admission will be made. Applications received after the specified deadlines may still be accepted, depending on space.

For candidates in the sciences and engineering: Go here to learn more about the prerequisites if you want to major in science or engineering.

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