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The University of Buea aims to offer chances for high-quality education through teaching and research in a setting that is supportive of such endeavors and in a manner that responds to market forces. The University is committed to service to the community, the advancement of moral and human values, and the never-ending pursuit of excellence. In addition to emphasizing relevance, its teaching and research initiatives also support tolerance and encourage independent, critical, and creative thought.

The highest caliber study and research programs are something that the university is committed to offering. Additionally, it provides top-notch graduates with the knowledge and abilities needed to meet the always-rising demand of the employment markets in Cameroon, Africa, and abroad. The academic staff members have advanced degrees, and several are well-known internationally.

About the University of Buea

The University of Buea (UB) is situated in Molyko, Buea, in the country of Cameroon’s southwest. Following a government decision that reorganized the nation’s state universities, it was established in 1985 as a university center and upgraded to a full university in 1992. It is recognized as the best university in Cameroon and one of just two English-speaking institutions in the country that adhere to the British educational system, the other being the University of Bamenda. It provides services to residents of the francophone and anglophone parts of Cameroon as well as those of nearby nations like Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.

UB is located in the ancient town of Buea, which was formerly the capital of the federated State of West Cameroon, German Kamerun, British Cameroon, and British Cameroon. It is currently the regional seat of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The institution serves all of Cameroon, even though the majority of its students come from the English-speaking zone.

Almost 13,000 students attend this school, 50 of whom have visual and physical impairments. The university administration continues to have difficulties in providing adequate welfare for this latter group of students.

There are 200 part-time teachers and 300 full-time ones. The faculty also conducts research in areas important to the advancement of the nation. Around 473 support personnel work for UB. University lecture halls, classrooms, and research labs facilitate instruction. UB is linked to Camtel, a telecommunications provider, via an optical fiber link. The university’s outreach initiatives are progressively incorporating the business sector in funding and training following the New University Governance Policy of Cameroon to guarantee that the graduates are competitive in the job market. The University of Buea supports numerous other educational institutions around Cameroon and assumes a leadership position in these institutions.

The university’s governance structure, like that of the majority of English-speaking universities, is centered on bodies like the Council, Senate, Congregation, and Committees, where both staff and students are represented.

A campus-wide optical-fiber network connects the majority of the buildings on the main campus. A VSAT link is used to provide internet connectivity.

For a little fee, the IT Center’s Internet café provides workers and students with access to the Internet.

The university is utilizing current technological advancements. This is accomplished by collaborating with leading tech firms in Buea, Cameroon. One of the universities in Cameroon with a completely online registration process is the University of Buea. Students fill out an online application and acceptance process.

Both registering for classes and viewing outcomes are equally accessible to students online. Another innovation utilized by the University of Buea is the usage of mobile money to pay fees. The University collaborates with international organizations and has connections to universities abroad. While foreign organizations typically help the institution with staff capacity building and money for research, the connections typically aim to interchange employees and students. The University of Manchester is connected to the University of Buea.

Faculty and Departments In the University of Buea

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture

  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
  • Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  • Department of Agronomic and Applied Molecular Sciences
  • Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Food Science and Technology
  • Department of Forestry and Wildlife
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Education

Department of Curriculum Studies and Teaching (CST)

  • Ed Curriculum Studies and Teaching
  • Ed Nursery and Primary Education
  • Ed Curriculum Studies and Teaching
  • Ph.D. Curriculum Studies and Teaching

Department of Educational Foundations Administration (EFA)

  • M.Ed Educational Foundations and Administration
  • Ph.D. Educational Foundations and Administration

Department of Educational Psychology (EPY)

  • B.Ed Educational Psychology
  • M.Ed Educational Psychology
  • Ph.D. Educational Psychology

Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of Nursing

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master in Nursing Education

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

  • Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • MSc in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
  • MSc in Chemical Pathology

Department of Public Health and Hygiene

  • BSc. Food Science and Nutrition
  • Master’s in Public Health

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Animal Biology
  • Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Environmental Science
  • Department of Geology
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Microbiology and Parasitology
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Plant Science

Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

Department of Economics and Management

  • B.Sc. in Economics
  • B.Sc. in Management
  • B.Sc. in Banking and Finance and Accounting
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • Masters in Accounting
  • Masters in Economics
  • Masters in Finance
  • Masters in Management.
  • Ph.D. in Accounting, Economics,
  • Ph.D. in Finance
  • Ph.D. in Management

Department of Geography

  • B.Sc. Geography
  • M.Sc in Geography
  • Ph.D. in Geography

Department of Journalism and Mass Communications

  • B.Sc. Journalism and Mass Communication,
  • M.Sc Journalism
  • Ph.D. in Mass Communications

Department of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
  • Masters of Law (LL.M)
  • Ph.D. of Law

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

  • B.Sc. in Political Science and Public Administration
  • M.Sc. in Political Science
  • M.Sc. in Public Administration

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

  • B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology
  • M.Sc in Anthropology
  • M.Sc in Sociology

Department of Women and Gender Studies

  • B.Sc (Double Major) Women Studies and a Second Major
  • M.Sc in Women and Gender Studies
  • Ph.D. in Women and Development Studies.

FAQS about the University of Buea

Q. How many Students Does the University of Buea admit per year?

A. The first list of undergraduate programs in the faculties of arts, education, law, science, and social and management sciences had more than 7,000 applicants accepted for the 2021–2022 academic year.

Q. Is the University of Buea a Federal or State School? 

A. It is one of the seven state-owned universities.

Q. What is the University of Buea’s Official Website?


Q. Is the University of Buea a good school?

A. Yes. It is regarded as the best university in Cameroon and is one of two English-speaking universities in Cameroon.

Q. Are there hostels at the University of Buea?

A. Yes. The University has 102 rooms in the Halls of Residence for rent to female students during the 2016/2017 academic year.

Q. When is the admission form coming out for the University of Buea?

A. Find out about this on the school’s website.

Q. Who founded the University of Buea?

A. The university was established as a university center and upgraded to a full university in 1992 as a result of a national government order that reorganized public universities.

Q. What are the requirements for the University of Buea?

A. The minimum qualifications that may entitle an applicant to a place in the University for First Degree Courses are the admission requirements listed below.

  • Before taking the GCE A/L, the GCE O/L must be passed in four topics that have been approved.
  • One of the following GCE A/L requirements:

Obtaining two GCE/AL passes in one session.

The BAC in the series corresponds to the area of expertise that is desired.

The Senate has given candidates with different qualifications that it deems to be equivalent.

  • Specific and additional restrictions may be imposed by each department.
  • If a student has not successfully finished the Special Intensive English Language Course, they will still need to pass a mandatory English language test.
  • The Ministry of Higher Education has established registration fees for classical programs, and applicants are advised that additional tuition fees established by the relevant faculties may also be applicable for professional programs.
  • As a result, candidates are recommended to skim through the information on their preferred program.

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