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Zenith University College Ghana strives to provide high-quality education of international standing and reputation by fostering an environment that encourages and challenges students to fully realize their intellectual and human potential. Zenith University College also strives to provide students with skills and attitudes that would enable them to apply what they learn in dealing with global economic concerns, poverty in developing nations, and developmental issues. It is our objective to prepare our students to compete in a global market.

The objective of the university is to become one of Africa’s premier regional universities for research, knowledge development, and information dissemination.

About Zenith University College Ghana

In December 2001, Zenith University College, a privately owned institution in Ghana, was founded. Zenith began as a college that offered tutorial services to a few overseas colleges. With accreditation to provide diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in Ghana, Zenith began operations as a higher educational institution in November 2005.

The Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana signed a memorandum of agreement with Zenith in 2011 to offer taxation education to students aspiring to careers in the field. Foreign universities initially used the institution as a tutorial college. To provide diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in Ghana, the institution received accreditation as a Tertiary Educational Institute in 2005. The government’s decision to permit private participation in the establishment and operation of universities was motivated by the need to develop human resource capacity in many areas of business, public administration, and management in Ghana, which led to the establishment of ZUC.

When the School of Professional Studies was first established, the College’s primary goal was to provide high-quality professional pedagogy. However, Zenith University College then introduced other Schools including the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Administration for Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate Programs due to the rising demand and patronage from many African countries.

Architecturally designed to match its dedication to registrants’ learning, psychological resourcefulness, and quality instruction, the university is a hub for professional and academic success in Accra, Ghana. We are primarily committed to offering state-of-the-art higher education and enhancing the information, abilities, and skills required to succeed in the corporate business environment.

The school, a renowned business institution, gathers some of the most brilliant and creative individuals in the world to solve serious social issues and important commercial issues. Our world-class teachers and students from many different countries are constantly expanding our knowledge of the cosmos and helping the university quickly become a global institution, providing a learning environment unlike any other.

The institution adheres to the idea of higher education without geographical boundaries. All students with strong intellectual capacity should have access to higher education, in our opinion. No matter where they are in the world, students should be free to pursue the programs of their choosing. For students to gain information that equips them to meet the difficulties of the modern global economy and the complex political, social, and cultural environments that continuously shape our local, national, and worldwide environments, we feel this is the way forward.

Faculty and Departments In Zenith University College Ghana


  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Management


  • Business Information Systems


  • Ghana Law
  • London Law

Frequently Asked Questions about Zenith University College Ghana

How many Students Does Zenith University College Ghana admit per year?

This is at the discretion of the university.

Is Zenith University College Ghana a Federal or State School? 

It is a privately owned university.

What is the cut-off mark for ZUCGHANA?

The admission standard for Zenith University College Ghana is the same as the cut-off points for admission. Although, candidates must obtain at least a D (4) in six subjects. They must also have passed in 3 subjects, one of the passes should be Grade D or better at the ´A´ Levels.

What is Zenith University College, Ghana’s Official Website?

Is Zenith University College Ghana a good school?

Yes. The university ranked 37th in Ghana and 10643rd in the World 2023 overall rankings.

Are there hostels in ZUCGHANA?


When is the Admission Form coming out for Zenith University College Ghana?

The Admission Management of the university has released the Admission Form for the 2023/2024 Academic year online.

Who founded Zenith University College Ghana?

The university was founded by Mr. Gibrine Adam, a brilliant businessman, marketer, philanthropist, and founder of the EPP Group of Companies as well as other reputable organizations like the Legon City Mall, National Express-Ghana Courier, and general transportation, EPP Solar Energy, GMi Media Printing, Advertising and PR, and GMi Motors Auto Dealership, to name a few, which the icon successfully manages.

What are the requirements for ZUCGHANA?

ZUC-Ghana Admission Requirement

Entry Requirements for A Undergraduate Degree Programme

Any of the following is required for admission to the Zenith University College, ZUC’s Bachelor’s Degree Program:

Ghanaian Nationals

  • WASSE/SSSCE: Passes in six (6) subjects with an overall score of twenty-four (24) or higher (SSSCE) or thirty-six (36) or higher. These subjects must include three (3) Core subjects, including English and Mathematics, and three (3) Elective topics (WASSCE).
  • GCE O Level: two (2) “A” Level passes except for General Paper and five (5) credit passes, including English and Mathematics.
  • Ghana Business Certificate Examination (GBCE) with passes in English and Mathematics.
  • Other diplomas/certificates deemed equivalent to any of the aforementioned credentials, including foreign credentials, will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis and based on their own merits.
  • ICT applicants: Applicants with SSSCE/WASSCE must have passed elective Mathematics and Physics in addition to the basic entry criteria.
  • Diploma to Degree Applicants: Level 200 of the BBA degree program would be open to holders of a Zenith University College Diploma or recognized equivalents with a minimum Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 2.5 or greater.
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) to Degree Applicants: All HND holders will be admitted to Level 200 in the same subject area as their HND qualification. Holders of Higher National Diplomas (HND) from a recognized Polytechnic with a minimum Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 2.5 or better would be admitted to Level 200 of our BBA degree program.

Mature Students Admissions

The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants:

  • 25 years old at the very least.
  • Three (3) years of experience working is required.
  • Three (3) GCE “0” Level credit passes, or three (3) of the following: English and mathematics are included in the Ghana Commercial Examination (formerly known as the RSA), Stage 2, Ghana Business Certificate Examination, Senior Stenographer Certificate, or SSSCE/WASSCE.
  • A passing score on the English, math, and general paper portions of the Zenith University College entrance exam. Also, candidates might need to show up for an interview.

Qualification for Admission – Llb Programme

  • A first degree from an accredited university is required for applicants to the graduate route.
  • Candidates for the normal path must have either two GCE Advance level passes and five GCE Ordinary level passes with Mathematics and English OR three GCE A level passes and three GCE ordinary level passes with those subjects.
  • HND, a DIPLOMA in journalism, law, business studies, or a related field of study.

ZUC Postgraduate Admission Requirement

  • The minimum requirement for applicants is a degree from an accredited university or institution, along with transcripts.


  • Those with equivalent qualifications (as listed above) or similar qualifications may apply for consideration for admission.
  • Candidates from abroad must have a current passport.
  • Should be prepared to obtain a resident permit and follow the rules governing foreigners’ status in Ghana.
  • Applications from international students must meet the following criteria in addition to those set forth for Ghanaian nationals:
  • Applicants from outside of the United States must submit certified translations of any transcripts or other supporting papers they submit that are not in English (s).
  • International students for whom English was not their primary language of instruction must submit their TOEFL results. The Internet-Based Exam (IBT) requires a minimum passing score of 80.

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