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Sunyani Technical University

In the 2020s and beyond, Sunyani Technical University aspires to establish itself as a hub of excellence. Sunyani Technical University needs a suitable site to become a center of excellence (STU). The Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922) (as amended), which converted Sunyani Polytechnic to Sunyani Technical University (STU) in 2016, made it necessary for the University to update its current campus and infrastructure, which is still reminiscent of the polytechnic years.

About Sunyani Technical University

The Sunyani Technical University (STU) (formally known as Sunyani Polytechnic) is a public tertiary institution in the Bono Region of Ghana. It is situated northeast of Asufufu. 

The university was founded as Sunyani Technical Institute (SUTECH) in 1967 to provide technical and vocational education and training to Middle School Leavers and later to Junior Secondary School graduates in practical programs in Carpentry and Joinery, Furniture Craft, Painting and Decorating, and Intermediate Block-Laying and Concreting. Electrical Installation, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice, Welding and Fabrication, Cooking for the Catering and Hospitality Industry, and Business Studies with options in Accounting and Secretarial administration were among the other programs available. It’s interesting to note that the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) is still used by the university to provide some of these courses to various target populations.

Following the government’s strategy to emphasize Technical/Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at the postsecondary level, Sunyani Technical Institute was upgraded to Sunyani Polytechnic (SPOLY) in 1997. The school was given the authority to provide tertiary education programs, namely the Higher National Diploma (HND), in response to the need for postsecondary human resources in the country. Moreover, non-tertiary programs that were available in the previous era are still being offered as certificated skilled-based programs to support industry and HND programs. The first corporate strategic plan was created during the Polytechnic phase to direct the institution’s expansion and management from 2005 to 2015.

With the implementation of the Technical Universities Act 2016, Sunyani Polytechnic has been renamed Sunyani Technical University (STU) and given a new mission (Act 922 as amended).

The University is required under the TUs Act to offer higher education and grant degrees, diplomas, and other credentials in fields connected to engineering, science, and technology as well as technical and vocational education and training (TVET), applied arts, and allied fields. Increased investment in staff capacity development and infrastructures, reforms to internal governance structures, realignment of programs and departments, and the formulation and implementation of the second corporate strategic plan for 2015-2020 were all required as a result of the institution becoming a technical university. This plan is currently being replaced by a new strategic plan for 2020–2025.

Faculty and Departments At Sunyani Technical University

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

  • Computer Science
  • General Agriculture
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Pharmacy Technician

Faculty of Business & Management Studies

  • Accountancy
  • Communication Studies
  • Marketing
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Secretaryship & Management Studies

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

Faculty of Built Environment & Applied Art

  • Building Technology
  • Visual & Industrial Art
  • Wood Technology

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunyani Technical University

How many Students Does Sunyani Technical University admit per year?

The university enrolled a total of 2,104 applicants for the 2021/2022 academic year. 

Is Sunyani Technical University a Federal or State School? 

It is a federal tertiary institution.

What is the cut-off mark for Sunyani Technical University?

STU does not have any standard cut-off point for applicants. The entry requirements are rather used instead of the cut-off points.

What is STU’s Official Website?

Is Sunyani Technical University a good school?

Yes. In Ghana and West Africa, Sunyani Technical University is a reputable institution with good facilities and well-organized classes, but unorganized practicals. The university ranked 47th in Ghana and 11948th in the World 2023 overall rankings.

Are there hostels at Sunyani Technical University?


When is the Admission form coming out for STU?

The Sunyani Technical University (STU) form for the academic years 2023–2024 is currently accessible online at, and registration for the STU form will start in May 2023. Between June 30 and July 31, 2023, when applications for admission to Sunyani Technical University must be submitted in full.

Who founded Sunyani Technical University?

The university was established under the Ghana Education Service.

What are the requirements for STU?



  • The prerequisites for admission to a degree program at the university are CREDITS in the THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science) and CREDITS in the THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Elective Subjects or its equivalent relevant to the chosen Program with an aggregate of 24 or better (WASSCE: A1-C6/SSSCE A-D). NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ADMISSION PURPOSES ARE D7, E8, & F9.

** It is important to note that the THREE CORE SUBJECTS are a requirement for all of our university’s academic programs.


  • The applicants must have earned passing grades in THREE Elective Courses, including Business Mathematics, and THREE Compulsory Subjects, including the English Language.


  • The GCE O’ Level requirements for applicants are FIVE credits, including English Language and Mathematics (or an approved equivalent), plus passes in at least THREE courses at the Advanced Level/Three Credits in the case of mature applicants. Additionally, the applicant needs to satisfy any necessary Faculty or Departmental requirements.


  • Candidates must have earned passing grades in THREE (3) Required Courses and THREE (3) Optional Topics Related to the Study Program.

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