Arts Administration Course

Students who study arts administration learn how to engage audiences with the arts within the framework of a non-profit arts organization. Students can pursue a minor in their preferred fine arts discipline while learning fundraising, communications, marketing, financial management, and programming skills.

Careers in Arts Administration

Education in arts administration must include practical training. For instance, an internship is a requirement for the University of Kentucky students majoring in the course. Internships support the practice of community service, which is a fundamental objective of arts groups in addition to assisting students in gaining experience.

Students studying arts administration must complete an internship worth at least six credits to graduate. The Arts Administration Program’s students have collaborated with regional, national, and even international art groups.

Career Opportunities in Arts Administration:

  • Community Engagement and Education
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Management
  • Program Management
  • Event planning
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Audience Development

What You’ll Study

The arts are transformed by arts administrators. They use genuine, palpable, and approachable forms of dance, music, visual art, and theater. They possess a formidable arsenal of cutting-edge technologies, financial intelligence, and strong communication abilities. The Arts Administration program at the University of Kentucky, now in its 25th year, offers one of the most thorough curricula in the nation to educate students about the opportunities and difficulties they would face as arts administrators. Our graduates can be found working in cultural organizations both domestically and internationally.

Students must finish a minor in one of the arts disciplines housed within the College of Fine Arts in addition to the Arts Administration curriculum. Additionally, students will finish 30 hours of UK Core. All majors must also complete at least 39 hours of courses at or above the 300-level, as well as six hours of coursework taken outside of their departments but within the College of Fine Arts.

College of Fine Arts Minors:

  • Music Performance
  • Photography
  • Theatre
  • Visual Studies
  • Art History
  • Art Studio
  • Dance
  • Digital Media and Design
  • Music History

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