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Bindura University of Science Education

The goal of the Bindura University of Science Education is to generate graduates that are responsible, knowledgeable, skilled, inventive, and entrepreneurial through teaching, research innovation, and the creation of goods and services that will help industrialize society and alter local communities.

About Bindura University of Science Education

A university in Zimbabwe called Bindura University of Science Education offers courses in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math as well as science education, business, and social sciences.

The Faculty of Science is housed on a separate campus that is 5 kilometers from the main campus and is located on Trojan Road. Located in the heart of the city lies the Faculty of Social Science and the major library.

The Zimbabwe-Cuba Teacher Training Programme, which began in the middle of the 1980s, can be credited with inspiring the creation of the Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE), formerly known as Bindura University College of Science Education (BUCSE). The program sent student teachers from Zimbabwe to Cuba for science education training. The top university in Zimbabwe in terms of education. In 1995, the program was moved to Zimbabwe for financial concerns. In Bindura, it was decided to establish a college run by the University of Zimbabwe that would eventually grow into a full-fledged university in two to four years. In March 1996, the institution accepted its initial class of 125 students.

The College received university status in February 2000 after the Bindura University of Science Education Act, which was passed by parliament, made it the fourth state university to be founded in Zimbabwe. The university’s Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor were installed at the first graduation ceremony, which also celebrated the accomplishments of 140 graduates. In 2018, the Bindura University of Science Education welcomed its first-ever class of optometry students. Tatenda Magetsi, a graduate of BUSE, was awarded the renowned Rhodes scholarship in 2019 so that she could further her studies at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

An approximate distance from Harare of 87 kilometers is where the university is situated in Bindura. The little town of Bindura, which has 40,000 residents, serves as the provincial capital of Mashonaland Central Province. A serene semi-urban setting is provided.

Faculty and Departments At Bindura University of Science Education

Faculty Of Science Education

  • Department of Curriculum and Educational Management Studies
  • Department of Educational Foundations
  • Department of Educational Technology
  • Department of Science and Mathematics Education

Faculty Of Science And Engineering

  • Biological Sciences Department
  • Engineering and Physics Department
  • Statistics and Mathematics Department
  • Chemistry Department
  • Computer Science Department
  • Sports Science Department
  • Geography Department
  • Health Sciences Department
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Department
  • Optometry Department

Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities

  • Department of Peace and Governance
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Languages and Communication Skills

Faculty Of Commerce

  • Department of Accountancy
  • Department of Banking and Finance
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Human Capital Management
  • Department of Intelligence and Security Studies

Faculty Of Agriculture And Environmental Sciences

  • Department of Agricultural Economics, Education and Extension
  • Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Crop Science
  • Department of Environmental Science
  • Department of Natural Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Bindura University of Science Education

How many Students Does the Bindura University of Science Education admit per year?

Answer: The University is among the institutions that don’t provide data on acceptance rates.

Is Bindura University of Science Education a Federal or State School? 

Answer: It is a State Public Higher Institution.

What is the cut-off point for the Bindura University of Science Education?

Answer: Refer to the school website to find out.

What is the Bindura University of Science Education Official Website?


Is Bindura University of Science Education a good school?

Answer: Yes. The University ranked 5th in Zimbabwe, 6119th in the global 2023 rating, and scored in 13 research topics.

Are there hostels at the Bindura University of Science Education?

Answer: Yes. The University has 2 halls of residence with a total carrying capacity of 398 students.

When is the Admission Form coming out for the Bindura University of Science Education?

Answer: Visit the university website to confirm when the admission form will be available.

Who founded the Bindura University of Science Education?

Answer: An act of parliament, the Bindura University of Science Education Act, was passed conferring university status to the College becoming the fourth state university established in Zimbabwe. The University was established under the University of Zimbabwe.

What are the requirements for the Bindura University of Science Education?

Answer: Undergraduate Programmes

The majority of the University’s programs have competitive admissions, thus meeting the minimum requirements in many cases won’t guarantee admission. Although final decisions on applications are typically delayed until late January or mid-February after the results of the qualifying examinations taken in November are available, applicants for undergraduate degrees who upon application already fulfill the entrance requirements at a high standard may be given acceptance fairly soon after they have applied. Successful applicants will get details about registration along with the offer of admission.

If an applicant is offered admission, they must respond to the Assistant Registrar (Admissions) right away to accept or reject the offer. The University maintains the right to reallocate the offered spot if such a response is not received. The University also reserves the right to give that spot to another applicant if an applicant who has been approved for admission fails to register by the deadline and does not have prior consent from the Assistant Registrar (Central Registry) for late registration. At registration, new participants must present three passport-size photos.

Normal Entry: Five (5) ‘O’ Levels or more National Foundation Certificates with a grade of C or higher in mathematics, English, and a science or business topic; also required are at least two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in the following subjects: physics, computer science, business management, mathematics, or statistics.

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