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Ethiopian Civil Service University

Ethiopian Public Service University aspires to become Africa’s leading provider of public service capacity building by the year 2025. The university will establish an efficient, accountable, effective, and transparent public sector to assist the development and transformation of the country.

About Ethiopian Civil Service University

One of Ethiopia’s public universities is called the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU). Strengthening public sector capabilities is its goal. The organization was established in 1993 and is based in Addis Abeba, the country’s capital.

The Ethiopian Civil Service University began operations in 1995, but it was fully created as a legally recognized, independent institution in February 1996 by the Council of Minister Regulation No. 3/1996. Through instruction and training, the university has made a significant contribution to the growth of the Ethiopian Civil Service University since its founding.

With the introduction of the new form of government structure, the Federal Government System, in 1991, there was a dire need for the country’s civil service system, necessitating the foundation of the university. Given the country’s existing higher education institutions’ intake capacity and the historical and political transition from a highly centralized unitary government system to a decentralized federal government system, there was a severe shortage of trained labor throughout the nation and in emerging regions in particular.

As a result, the regional state government and its different agencies found it extremely challenging to carry out its self-administration tasks and responsibilities. The University only offered Economics and Law as its only two subjects of study when it first started operating to meet this pressing need.

With the delivery of short-term courses, specialized undergraduate and graduate programs, research and consulting services, library documentation services, and conference, seminar, and workshop facilitation, the University has been able to significantly contribute to capacity building. The University uses a variety of delivery methods, including resident training programs, evening classes, distance learning, and the Global Development Learning Network.

The University works to give public servants the necessary theoretical and practical skills to enable them to carry out their duties as effectively as possible. The functions of the several units of the Ethiopian Civil Service University are described in this article. It provides background information on how the University came to be. Governments and people alike share our conviction that our people are our country’s most valuable resource. We value the patronage and assistance of the Ethiopian government, its citizens, and our international partners.

Faculty At Ethiopian Civil Service University

  • Political Science
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Sociology
  • Biology
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Law
  • Medical
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Communications
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Anthropology
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science

Frequently Asked Questions about Ethiopian Civil Service University

How many Students Does Ethiopian Civil Service University admit per year?

Answer: The University is a medium-sized (University enrollment/admissions ranges between 7,000-7,999 students) coeducational Ethiopian higher education institution.

Is Ethiopian Civil Service University a Federal or State School? 

Answer: It is a federal institution.

What is the cut-off mark for Ethiopian Civil Service University?

Answer: Visit the University’s website.

What is the Ethiopian Civil Service University Official Website?


Is Ethiopian Civil Service University a good school?

Answer: Yes. The University is ranked number 22 University in Ethiopia and ranked number 15671 in the world.

Are there hostels at Ethiopian Civil Service University?

Answer: Yes! On the main campus, there is housing accessible for both long and short-term students. There are shared bathrooms as well as bedrooms.

When is the Admission Form coming out for Ethiopian Civil Service University?

Answer: Check the University’s website.

Who founded Ethiopian Civil Service University?

Answer: The University was established by the Ministry of Education.

What are the requirements for Ethiopian Civil Service University?

Answer: Entry Requirement:

  • Applicants must work in the public sector for at least two years following graduation (for Regular& Summer) 
  • Pass the ECSU admission exam successfully; 
  • Must be no older than 48 years old (above the cutoff point set by the University) 
  • The candidate must be eligible to submit an official transcript before the registration deadline.

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